We must provide every student with a quality education. This starts with recruiting and retaining the most highly qualified teachers as the key to success with our students. We must also provide for the students who are going to college, trade school or directly entering the work force. Students that graduate from the AISD must be educated to provide a better future for themselves and for the community which ever path is chosen.


One of the most important priorities is that everyone in our schools not only feels safe but is safe. We must provide a safe environment for our children so that no obstacles stand in the way of their educations. We must also provide a safe environment to our educators and staff members by also providing them a safe work environment. Another view of safety that must be considered is to provide support and tools needed by these educators and staff members so that they feel secure enough to teach using the best of their skills and abilities. If children and staff do not feel safe in our schools, then we have no chance of providing the quality education our community expects and deserves.


As a school board we must take a more active role in working with all levels of participants involved in the schools. We must work with parents to encourage them to be actively involved in their child's education and understand they are a critical part of their child's learning environment. School board members must also support our teachers and administrators by providing them with needed tools and support. The school board must also take an active role in matters that relate to the city by working with the city council in every area of the community because we depend on each other to produce a quality education in a quality city. We must also work with legislators in Austin to help guide the public education system toward a bright future and to make sure the best outcome for Arlington is achieved.

There is a big difference in the election for School Board Place 6

    Bowie Hogg is a product of AISD schools
    Bowie Hogg is concerned with the long term future of the AISD
    Bowie Hogg has experience working with legislatures in Austin
    Bowie Hogg is the ONLY candidate that is a life-long resident of Arlington
    Bowie Hogg brings fresh, new ideas and diversity to the current school board